Thursday, 25 August 2011

We're still here - honest!!

Posted by Rosie

Just a really quick post to say we haven't been eaten by a triffid vegetable or chased off the farm by Orwellian animals but that we have been so busy with everything that we never quite seem to get round to writing a blog. We have a lovely volunteer helper here this week helping me to find the vegetable garden in amongst the weeds so I have been busy helping her as well as processing the fruit and veg we've been harvesting. Simon has also fitted in some days out with the boys (hopefully he'll do a blog about the canoeing trip they went on yesterday).

At some point in the next 10 days I have the dreaded shoe shopping to do with Ben as well as buying all the files, pens, paper etc they need for school - neither of which are jobs I relish but, bearing in  mind they have less than a week and a  half before school starts, I suppose I need to get my act together.

Mind you, it would appear not everyone is completely busy round here:

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  1. I know what you mean the days whizz by here too.
    Great to have an extra pair of hands.
    Hope you're enjoying some summer weather, we've had hail and heavy frosts recently - G planted about 30 citrus so I've been putting frost cloth on every night since!


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