Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Snap-shot of a June Day

Posted by Rosie

Outside my window - I can see green grass after the rain of the last few weeks.

I am thinking - I really should be fruit picking but the boys insisted I play Coppit (and then beat me twice in a row)

From my kitchen - I can smell bread cooking (only in a machine but it still smells good).

I am wearing - Green trousers and a rather mucky T-shirt.

I am going - to have to go and remind Simon that it is nearly time to take the boys to athletics.

I am hearing - Our bottle fed lamb bleating loudly. He would appear to be unhappy with the fact he is now only having 2 bottles of milk a day rather than the three he was having! I have told him they are two larger ones but he doesn't seem to understand!!

Around the house - there is much less mess than normal thanks to a massive tidy I made the boys undertake this morning.  Now I suppose I should tidy up MY mess.

One of my favourite things is - the veg garden which is finally producing a decent amount of veg and LOTS of fruit.
And here is my picture for thought -Why is Barney hanging from the top of the swings?

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