Sunday, 10 April 2011

Wallowing Pigs

Snuffling Sow
Today was hot for April and we were concerned about the pigs - water buckets were forever being flipped over and pigs rolling and resting in the damp soil or they were using the bucket as a foot spa!

Happy as piglets in....
So this afternoon the digger was put into use and wallowing pools were dug out in the pig fields then soaked with water.  And we had some very happy pigs.  They snuffled around in the wet ground and Isadora spent a good ten minutes redesigning the hole and when happy with her work, very happily settled down for a damp and restful afternoon nap. The piglets carried on around her and given the occasional telling off grunt when Isadora's personal space was encroached.

We were also aware that there was a lack of shade in the field and, after various ideas were thrown out, we came up with the idea of using one of my old windsurfing sails to make a piggy shady corner. So hopefully some cool contented pigs now.

And I don't think we're spoiling them!!


  1. And of course now it has gone chilly so they don't need a wallow at the moment!! Oh well - job done for when it does get warm again.

  2. Oh, you just made about $1000 pig umbrella!


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