Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Pig in the Pond

The weather here is still dry and although there was thunder lurking around earlier today it came to nothing.  Rain seems to be falling all around us but not here.  Rosie said she drove through heavy rain driving to the port, yesterday, and at the same time I drove in the other direction - around Mont St Michel and had some showers.  The ground is very dry now - not good for the vegetables.

The Pig in the Pond
I was reminded of a book the boys had 'The Pig in the Pond' (Martin Waddell) - read many times to them.  A great story about Neligan's pig who on a very hot day eventually jumps in the pond.  Never thought I'd actually see it happen though but the other day Charlotte, one of our two sows, decided that the duck bath was a good place to cool her trotters in - so in she went.  She had a happy few minutes paddling and blowing bubbles in the water.  And Harold and Matilda watched on with extremely unimpressed expressions.  You could almost hear them saying 'oy pig that's our pond'.
We Are Not Amused!

Whilst on the subject of  the ducks, Matilda is now sitting on twenty eggs, joining Hilda who has been sitting on her clutch of eggs for a couple of weeks now.  I cannot remember how many she is sitting on - around 16 I think.  So in a few weeks time we'll be hearing the patter, of around, 36 pairs of little webbed feet.


  1. we had lovely rain finally

    and rushed out into the rain to check all of the water butts and ibcs were filling up.. hope you get some decent rain too

  2. Pig in the Pond. Can't remember how many times we've read that. One of the girls' favourite books! Must show them this post tomorrow!


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