Sunday, 24 April 2011

Boot Fair

Posted by Rosie

Every Easter Sunday there is a Boot Fair is St Vigor des Mezerets, the next village to us.  I had a stall 2 years ago and did well enough selling general junk items surplus to requirement, plants and cakes.  Last year it was wet so I didn't go but after 2 years without a Boot Fair the junk items surplus to requirement were building up again so I booked a stall.  I didn't do cakes this year (no time) but I did have enough junk items surplus to requirement to fill my 6m slot.

My stall
So how did I do?  Very slowly to begin with but sales did pick up later until the lunchtime lull. I did better in the afternoon than I had expected but as time drew on there was still al lot of unsold items and Simon and I were rather dreading having to repack everything.  Enter the gentleman who looked at our cans of paint.  "1€," we said.  His ears perked up and there then followed 10 minutes of mad selling of boxes of stuff that were otherwise going to the tip.  In the end he and his brother took all the things we had left over (other than a few bits and bobs we will sell online) for the stately sum of 12€ ...... and we had much less to pack.

So the grand total of my day?  A very acceptable 95€ ....... and a much clearer loft this evening.  I call that a result!

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  1. Snap, it's SO good to go home with a much emptier car isn't it. And pennies in the piggy bank just help that feel good feeling.

    Happy Easter.

    Sue xx


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