Sunday, 6 March 2011

Poppy, You Must Be Barking............

Poppy the Sea Dog
.......... mad to go in that water - it may be sunny but it's only a few degrees above zero and then there is the wind chill factor.  As Saari watched on, Poppy time after time had a stick thrown for her as we had a very pleasant walk along the beach at Ouisterham this morning.

Tom & Ben Caught by the Sea
The boys also had a great time with the instruction to remain dry lasting about as long as you can say 'please keep dry'. The game was to lie down on the beach and not get caught by the waves!  I believe by the second go the sea won.  And fortunately parents had had the forethought of packing spare socks and trousers but not underpants - as Ben found out!

We then, eventually, found somewhere for a spot of lunch. Believe it or not, it was not easy in France on a winter's Sunday lunch time on the coast.  So a couple of beaches up in Luc Sur Mer we found the Salon de thé de la Digue - which we think must be renowned for it's croque-monsieur/madam. Whilst Rosie and I had a lovely salad and Tom had a huge Hot Dog, Ben had the biggest croque-madam (with chips) that I've ever seen and so were many of the other customers.

So there is now one sleeping black Labrador warming up in front of the fire and two boys who won't need much feeding this evening, all having enjoyed a very pleasant Sunday outing.


  1. I think Poppy had a great time but Saari didn't seem to like the water.

  2. Yup, I got soaked and had to have lunch with no pants on!! (AND my trousers were on back to front!!)

  3. Sounds like a great day out. Wonderful photos.

    My loony lab is one for freezing sea temperatures as well - even when it's so cold that the rock pools have frozen over!!

  4. Ah yes - I believe it is due to the fact that labradors are the sole possessor of the loony dog gene!!


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