Monday, 14 March 2011

Hubble, Bubble ...

Posted by Rosie

... there are strange bubbling noises in the house tonight.  Simon has a demijohn of wine and a bucket of beer fermenting away and neither the cat nor I can't quite get used to the glugging noises they are making.  He also has a bucket of Seville Oranges doing their bit before hopefully becoming an orange wine.  A necessary result of freezer rearranging such that I managed to put the contents of the smallest freezer in the 2 larger ones with the exception of a bag or oranges, a turkey carcass, one whole chicken and a block of turkey stock.  So, as well as the wine and beer glugging, tomorrow there will be soup and pot of turkey stock bubbling away.  

It did also mean we were rather decadent and had roast chicken on a Monday evening!


  1. Nothing wrong with that :)

  2. I know - I just associate roasts with Sunday lunchtime. Old habits die hard.


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