Monday, 28 February 2011

The witch is going on holiday and in her suitcase she packs ....

Posted by Rosie, Tom and Ben

.... or how to make a wet dog walk more enjoyable. Remember what everyone else put in and add your alphabetically correct idea:

A - an A-shaped apple
B - a bumble bee
C - her clever cat
D - Dad's dazzling ducks
E - an earful of earwigs
F - a fired fireman


G -???
H - a hiccuping hyena
I - Italian ink
J - a jaguar juggling jelly

K -???

L - lots of lollipops
M - a musician at a marriage
N - nine naughty neighbours


O -???

P - a peacock peeking through a pot
Q - Quebec
R - a Russian race
S - smelly socks
T - a triumphant tiara
U - an umbrealla
V - Victor's visitors
W - a wishing well
X - a X
Y - a yucky yolked egg
Z - a zip

Can you guess the missing ones?


  1. an x rated xylaphone and a zealous Zebra? love AP

  2. OK I didn't read this properly, um Geoffrey the goggle-eyed giraffe, don't know and Olive the only outsized octopus? xx AP

  3. Pretty close - a giraffe wearing goggles, a Klimt painting and an orange octopus called Oscar!!

  4. Ah, Klimpt of course!! Not a Kurly wurly then? Ap x


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