Thursday, 24 February 2011

Last day of peace and quiet for a while

Posted by Rosie

Simon is currently in the UK and the boys have one more day at school before half term starts leaving me just Friday all to myself. Am I going to rush round cleaning the house?  No - I'm off to get some bits and pieces in Vire and then having lunch with friends ... I might have to do a bit of housework before Sunday though as I have friends coming here for lunch and even the dust has dust on it.

I think the boys will be glad of a half term break, all 2 weeks of it, as it has been 8 weeks since term began. In France the February half term and Easter holidays are split across the country so some schools started their half term break 2 weeks ago and go back to school on Monday where-as others, including ours only start their break on Friday evening.  At Easter there is no Bank Holiday on Good Friday in France and being in the last group for holidays the boys won't actually start their Easter break until Easter Monday when others will be heading back to class the day after.  I can't remember when they had their holidays last year but the regions rotate so maybe they will be in the early group next year.

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