Saturday, 5 February 2011

Buttering Up!

Posted by Simon

Milk Separator
Last November I ordered a milk/cream separator on eBay but it failed to appear and after a bit of a struggle I eventually got my money back. I re-ordered - from another (and cheaper) source and just before I went skiing it arrived.

Now I'm back we have had time to have a go. It's quite a large machine for our needs but it is the only (small?) electric one that seems to be available, and these come from the Ukraine. It can separate up to 80 litres/hour and you get about 0.1 of a litre of cream from a litre of milk.

So with our three litres of full fat milk we should get at least enough cream to cover a grape! Well maybe a little more. And we did - just.

Cream? Where?
The boys and I enjoyed cream with our bowl of bottled fruit for lunch but next time we plan to use more milk and hopefully produce more cream so we can then make our own butter.

And at least the skimmed milk is better for the cholesterol levels - though this rather depends on the amount of butter and cream devoured!

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