Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bowls and Balls!

Posted by Simon

It's been quite a busy this week.  As it was Tom's birthday on Tuesday we had various things to sort out for that.  Sally (my sister) was over at the weekend to celebrate it.  Both boys had a rugby tournament on Saturday afternoon which we took them to.  And on the Sunday Tom had asked to go bowling and out for a meal.  A very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

When the boys bowl automatic rails come up each side of the alley so the balls don't go off into the gutter and makes for a more interesting game. By the end of the session they were getting the idea and at times were bowling straight down and getting spares and strikes.  There again there were occasions that I could have done with the rails as my ball sailed into the gutter without even a sniff at the skittles, plus Tom also worked out the angles and bounced the ball off them along the alley and achieved some good scores that way.

Amongst Tom's presents was a much needed new bike - his old one was getting too small for him -  which has been shown around the neighbourhood.  He also got some books and science experiment toys - I don't think any will blow up the house!

This morning the three - outside - mousing kittens have been taken to the vet for 'that op' or as Ben keeps saying 'they're going to have their tentacles removed.' - not quite Ben.

As they could not have any food from 8 o'clock last night we bought them in for the night and shut them in a room.  After the boys had gone to bed we let them have the run of the downstairs rooms. Well they soon made themselves very much at home - do they look like outside cats? And I suppose we'll have three kittens all not talking to us on their return this evening!


  1. hope they are coping well without their tentacals.....

  2. "Snigger" - they are all fine thank goodness. The boys went back outside yesterday after one of them did a poo and a wee on the dog beds. The girl went out this morning. She's the nervous one though and I've got to catch her again next week to have a stitches out. Wish me luck.


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