Monday, 10 January 2011

Bored? Not when there are board games to play

Posted by Rosie

We do enjoy playing board games here, especially when it's horrible outside. What we choose changes with our moods (and the ages of the boys) but there are always some perennial favourites; Tom and Simon love Risk and Monopoly (Ben and I don't!) but we all like Frustration, Coppit and a clever little game called Labyrinth. Our most recent addition is a game called Ingenious. Actually, we have had it nearly a year but have only just got round to playing it. It's fiendishly simple (once you've worked out one ambiguous rule) and seems to be slightly addictive. Yahtzee has just made a re-appearance after a few years languishing on the shelf; a word of warning though, if you are playing against Tom, he definitely has the luck of the dice. We also have a new word game to play thanks to friends in England - In a Pickle. Hopefully it'll be good. At other times Scrabble and Boggle have featured highly between Simon and myself and on clearing the loft last week we found Simon's ancient Cluedo. I loved that as a child.

We are always on the lookout for something new, so have you any others you could recommend to us?

(There's a good selection of board games in the gite too ;-))


  1. I always enjoyed Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee and Pass the Pigs. And card games. You can never be too young to learn cribbage :)

  2. Scrabble and the Uno card game have always been popular here , but surprisingly we all love bingo too we got a set in the Wooliies sale yaers ago and have had hours of fun with it

  3. The boys are just getting the hang of holding cards although Simon has made them a card holding thingy which helps a lot. Cribbage - I forgot that - Simon and I play that lots and Tom has started (I have the disadvantage of not being able to add up though!)

    I've just googled Uno and that looks good, and cheap. Bingo in big in France so maybe we should start playing too.


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