Sunday, 12 December 2010

Freezer Tetris

Posted by Rosie

I have unashamedly borrowed this title from Colour it Green's blog and I am sure anyone who produces their own food, be it vegetables, fruit, foraged food or meat will fully understand what I mean. There comes a time (late Autumn/early Winter for me) when suddenly everything is at the time to be slaughtered and has, somehow to be fitted into the freezer - well actually into the THREE freezers we own (not counting the little drawer one in the kitchen).

This year we have frozen more veg to see us thought the Winter and we had a very good fruit crop. We also had ducks for the first time and all in all I am having a major panic. I have squeezed in all the ducks, chickens and pork but I need to find space for the lamb and turkeys. I am manically taking stuff out to cook - lemons to make elderflower and lemon marmalade, plums for jam, rhubarb for chutney and crumbles
and home made ice cream with every pudding. Anything in a less than full plastic pot has been repackaged into a space-saving plastic bag and old pigs trotters I had every intention of doing something with have been cooked up for the cats. THEN, neighbours who are moving kindly gave me the contents of their freezer - well I could hardly say no to a bag of frozen fish, French beans and various other bits and pieces could I?

Help may be at hand though - friends of friends are away over the Winter and have said our friend can use their freezer. A full freezer is more economical than a half full one so I think that may be where some of our turkey meat will be heading. Thank goodness because whilst I am quite good at freezer tetris, there comes point the freezers are so full it is impossible to get anything out ................. or any more in!!

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  1. And at that point of fullness if you do manage to take something out by moving other things around then they won't go back in, even though they all came out so much fit back in somehow LOL

    Having freezers full of home grown / reared / foraging does give you a arm smug feeling though, even if you dare not take any of it out to eat


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