Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Work, friends, shopping and a ride in a police car!

Posted by Rosie

I got back to France late last night after a hectic and very enjoyable week - I worked for 5 days with a total of about 350 children, I caught up with lots of friends, I shopped and shopped and shopped (thus spending all the money I had earned - :oops:) and I got to ride in a police car WITH the Blues and Twos on!!

I was visiting a friend in London who is a Police Officer and leaving Waterloo Station on our way to the Tate Modern we saw a young man obviously trying to steal the front wheel from a bike. My friend immediately called for the British Transport Police but by the time they came a few minutes later he had disappeared.
"Hop in" they said and we shot off round the station seeing if we could spot him. My friend and one officer then went onto the concourse leaving myself and the other officer to screech round the other direction with the lights and sirens blasting out. (We later decided it must have otherwise been a quiet day for them!) Unfortunately, we did not find the young man in question but his description was circulated and at least one bike rider could return that evening to find his bike still had two wheels.

As for me, I was like a kid and enjoyed that part of our day slightly more than much of the weird and wonderful art that is the Tate Modern. To say the boys were gutted when I told them what Mum had been up to was also rather an understatement!

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