Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Get One Get Two Free

Posted by Simon

A few years ago whilst out walking our old dog, Lady, her collar got broken. We had been to a couple of shops but could not get the right size and then we went to a garden centre that sold pet accessories and as we were walking in Rosie made one of those never forgotten comments - "if they have one we'll get two" - and you think I would have learnt by that. But oh no I haven't and this evening was no exception as the photo below shows.

We promised the boys that we would get another kitten after the demise of Smoky and they did ask for another grey one, although I was not so keen. Therefore Rosie and I have been looking around and after a couple of false leads I saw, on a French website, a male grey kitten available. I was a little taken-a-back as the picture looked just like Smoky. And this grey kitten had a sister who we said we were not interested in.

This evening we went to the owners house and saw the kittens. In fact we actually went yesterday evening but couldn't find the house - which was down a hidden track about 500 metres from the road. A minor fact that was missed from the directions. Anyway we found this absolutely amazing house - really beautiful place - and a lovely family with kittens to go.

"Are you taking the one or the two?", "Just the one, thanks" I reply. "Umm" says Rosie. I should have known that 'Umm'. I should have recognised the warning signs. But did I heck!

Anyway I went to get the cat basket and the male kitten was put in and then somehow, quietly and, in my opinion, sneakily, a second kitten was placed in the basket. I only turned my back for a second and there it was.

"Oh, I see we are having them both". "Well he'll be lonely without his sister and there are two boys and two kittens", was the response, "and we do have loads of mice around". I just knew I was on for a loser so went with the flow.

As I had thought the male kitten looked so much like Smoky I initially suggested the name 'Snap'. But this didn't feel quite right and we racked our brains for ideas and we were also trying to keep to a French tradition - this is that animals are named with the letter 'F' this year (G next, etc, etc.).

So welcome to La Causserie to Foggy (the moggy) and Fumée - both whom seem to be settling in well. Let's hope they'll be earning their living soon.


  1. Yeeeeah! More animals! I always thought you didn't really have enough! Is the name Fumee in tribute to Smokems?

  2. Of course - I'm glad you remembered some of your French ;-)

  3. Gorgeous, I love pretty animals that also have a real purpose on the farm!

    Perhaps you could get them little 'hi-vis' vests to wear!!

    Sue xx

  4. Ah but that would make it easier for the mices (sic)to spot them!!

  5. lovely and two is better than just one :)

  6. Ha! I so get that sneakiness ;D I adore the names too x


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