Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Camping in Bretagne

Posted by Simon

I had promised the boys a few nights camping over the summer holidays and eventually, last week, we got around to it. Having planned where to go an old friend, Nick, of mine emailed me and said he and his family were camping for a week in Brittany, St-Cast-le Guildo, near St Malo. So we joined them.

And contrary to a previous post I managed to find my way to the camp site (admittedly I had to buy a map) and met up with Nick and family. The boys were eager to get into the camp site pool but we did manage to take them down to the coast first.

Over the next three days we went Go Karting - Tom's highlight, a trip to Le Fort la Latte, plus walks along the coast line and climbing over the rocks and looking in rock pools.

But I think the best thing for the boys was playing with all the other kids in the camp site - in the pool, on the flumes and in the playgrounds. Plus for Ben the highlight was earning two euros as payment for translating between the French and British kids - though I suspect being the centre of attention was probably the best payment for this little entrepreneur.

When asked where he had got the money from the reply was 'well Dad, you did tell me I should get paid for the translating'. That will teach me for joking.

Although the weather was rainy, but warm, and we got wet a few times we all had a lovely time and enjoyed the camping and camp site. And it was great to meet up with friends and catch up.

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