Thursday, 16 September 2010

Another Epic!

Posted by Simon

One of the outbuildings has been a little bit of a worry for us, as the gable end had a lean which did not look too healthy. Then a delivery lorry just caught it and maybe it was our imagination but this unhealthy lean took on the appearance of a Pisa Tower in the making. So we decided to prop it up and cordon the area off until repairs could be made.

And how one small(ish) job is now becoming a huge epic. I took all the stone off the gable end. I bought new oak lintels to replace the rotting ones, I got sand and lime to start the rebuild and was ready to go.

Yea right - the side wall has been hit by a vehicle at some time in the past and had an amazing repair that all good stone masons would die for - rotting cardboard, old plastic bags, chunks of woods, a dustbin lid, an old garden fork and a plastic flower pot and of course a few handfuls of straw. Something John Noakes would have been proud of.

Therefore, not taking anything away from this marvellous affair, I do think it is time to bring it in to the 21st century and needs to be rebuilt. The roof is on it's last supports, the ceiling is beyond belief (as my leg can testify as it disappeared through the floorboards) and as Rosie said 'it's had one botch too many' (not my leg the building). Anyway apart from all that everything is fine! Except we had to find somewhere for all the stuff stored in this building.

Well at least it gives me something to do now the gite is finished and once we have undertaken these 'minor' repairs it will give us a place to store all the other stuff when we carry out the other works on the house.

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