Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Camping ... if they can find the campsite ....

Posted by Rosie

Simon has taken the boys camping over in Brittany for a few days and I intend to profit from the peace and quiet and plan to get loads done here. I have a great long list of things that are quicker to do without the "assistance" of the boys including sorting their clothes drawers; so much easier they are not wailing that I can't possibly get of that that T-shirt despite the fact it is either torn to shreds or far too small. Then I'm planning a lot of gardening (weather permitting), jam and chutney making, a grand sort out of the food cupboard and buying their stuff for school. The dogs have added
onto the list, "take us for lots of long walks" and I might even find the time to finish the book I have been reading for ages.

The intrepid campers left about half an hour ago and I am wondering at what point Simon will realise he has forgotten to take the directions with him!!


  1. Heaven, have a lovely 'me' time. I hope you get lots done but also have some relaxing time too! x

  2. Enjoy your temporary solitude, and for goodness sake read some of that book first or you'll never get round to it!

    Sue xx

  3. Did they make it?!

    Enjoy the peace and quiet :)

  4. Fran/Sue - thanks for reminding me to read/relax - I did a bit but still have a few pages of the book to go.

    Jo - I assume they made it. I wonder if they got the tents up before the rain started? :-)


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