Sunday, 15 August 2010

52 in 2010 Update

Posted by Rosie

Seven and a half months through 2010 and 27 recipes under my belt - so I am a little behind schedule but in my defence I have have a few other things to keep me busy recently. So, what have I cooked and how did they turn out?

1. Aromatic Belly Pork - Hugh FW recipe - delicious and will do again
2. Microwave sponge pudding
Goat Curry - a Levi Roots recipe - tasty but it was fiddly and time consuming to make.
4. Pineapple and Banana fritters
5. Celeriac and Blue Cheese soup - not overly exciting and unlikely to be repeated this year as my celeriac crop has completely failed.
6. Duck Liver paté - not my favourite but then I am not really a paté person. It did however look very nice in the duck terrine someone had given me.
7. Ginger Beer Plant - this was Simon's and unfortunately it wasn't too nice - too yeasty. He has now got another one going and we are waiting to taste it in a few days so fingers crossed for this one.
8. Turkey Au Vin - besides trying very hard to set the kitchen alight this was extremely nice and likely to be repeated.
9. Cheese Fondue - much liked by the boys who are yet to know about cholesterol!!
10. Friendship Cake - this is something I made many years ago, a yeast bake cake you feed from a starter and then pas on to your friends. Sadly the starter I made, whilst not unpleasant was not as I remembered the one from before. I'll have to do some more searching and see if I can find a better recipe.
11. Fruity Cereal Bars - Yummy - but not as yummy as:
12. "Healthyish" Oat and Krispie Chocolate Slices ....... chocolaty but still vaguely healthy. Many of these have been eaten this year.
13. Old Fashioned Teabread - also known as Bara Brith - wonderfully filling fat free fruit cake - well fat free until you smother slices of it with butter!
14. Balti Prawns and Vegetables - from a cookbook on my shelf and worked well although I did have to alter the recipe a bit.
15. Green Lentil Dahl - made for the same meal as the Prawns and lovely - in fact I think I may cook this again tonight.
16. Hot cross Buns - I made the dough for these in the bread-maker - I think I should try the old fashioned way next time as they were a bit dry.
17. Lancashire Hot Pot - I can't believe I had never made this before this year - it was so simple, so tasty and so cheap made with neck of lamb. A perfect cold weather dish that almost makes me wish it was cold enough now to cook one.
18. Rhubeena - Rhubarb was one of the few things that has done well in the garden this year so I had plenty to make into this fruit cordial. It's lovely as a drink and also mixed with fromage blanc to make fruity milky ice lollies for the boys.
19. Rhubarb cake - more of a pudding than a cake but I'm not complaining.
20. Beech Leaf Noyau
21. Yoghurt - I love yoghurt but can't seem to get this one right. Grrr as I dislike being left with commercial yoghurt pots that I cannot recycle.
22. Elderflower champagne - ah - this actually deserves an entry of it's own so you'll have to wait for more details on this one.
23. Strawberries with Black Pepper and Balsamic Vinegar - OK not so much a recipe as a mix of seemingly unlikely ingredients that somehow marry into something surprisingly tasty!
24. Courgette and sultana salad - a new way to deal with the only veg glut I seem to have had this year.
25. Raspberry Vinegar - we bought a second hand freezer recently complete with several large boxes of raspberries. I made jam with some, stewed some and made the rest into raspberry vinegar wondering if I would regret using so many on something I may not even like. Did it work - Yes - do I like it - YES!! How could I have never had this delicious concoction before?
26. Crispy duck pancakes - not quite as authentic as the ones eaten in Chinese restaurants as I used savoury crepes but they still worked well and were a good way to make one duck feed 4 adults and 2 hungry children with meat to spare.
27. Naan bread - started off in the bread maker and sitting on the side ready to be eaten with a curry tonight.

Overall the recipes have been a success - some have become regular favourites and others occasional treats to look forward to. A few failed but only one became a potential killer - more of that another day .........


  1. oh dear...sounds like an elderflower splosion.....


  2. oh dear...please tell me you didn't opt for glass bottles....

  3. and dint i say use plastic so you can feel when they get tight and need moving to the fridge......

    oh dear


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