Saturday, 19 June 2010

Natural Born Killers

Posted by Rosie

There has been evidence for a while of a mouse in the kitchen but when it ate into a packet of crisps things needed to be done and mouse traps were set. This morning two were unsprung and the cheese gone (grrrrr) but the third under the sink has been successful. Excellent, and with luck that last bag of crisps would be safe.

I decided to pop the dead mouse in the bag with the kittens dirty litter but Smokey and Firkin had an alternative view on this. As I released the mouse Smokey, who was wandering passed, shot forward, grabbed his prey and disappeared under the table growling and snarling before batting the mouse around. Eventually I grappled it from him and put it near Firkin who reacted in exactly the same way. It would appear that we have two natural born killers on our hands. Watch out les souris of La Causserie.

When Smokey isn't thinking about killing the local rodent population however, he likes nothing better than to settle down on a shoulder and study what-ever you are doing. In his spare time, Firkin prefers to evict significantly larger Saari from her bed.

Altogether now - ahhhh!!


  1. In the country rodents in the house are an inevitability at some point so it's great that you have two "natural born killers" - and clearly Saari has learned not to mess with them already! On the bright side - if you have mice it means you don't have rats - apparently they don't live together!

  2. Just about everyone I talk to around here has a problem with mice, they're just everywhere! We don't have cats but set lots of traps and get a good success rate. Haven't had them in the kitchen for ages but I'm always worried they will appear, boy do they cause a lot of damage!
    Have caught rats in our stoat traps near the chicken run but not near the cottage thankfully!

  3. CTF - Sorry to hear you have vermin problems too.

    Sian, I hope that the rat/mouse thing is true as given the choice of rats or mice I would always rather have the latter.

    I caught another mouse in the trap yesterday and let the kittens play with it. Now I can't find it so do not know if they have hidden it or eaten it!!

  4. I absolutely love the picture of Smokey on Simon's shoulder. My cat still likes to sit on my shoulder when I'm at the computer. Unfortunately now she's full grown I have to use one arm to hold her there, which makes my typing even slower than usual! :-)


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