Thursday, 10 June 2010

A croissant for breakfast

Posted by Rosie

Simon is in England today collecting paint. UK paint is much cheaper and better than French so even with the cost of the ferry is is well worth his while going but it means I am manning the fort alone all day. A day I have to say that did not start well ....... I came downstairs to find that one of the dogs had monumentally thrown up. That cleared up I went outside to feed the animals which was when I realised I had not put the pig food in to soak nor
could I find the buckets. Eventually I tracked them down underneath the vomit-covered dog bed I had thrown outside earlier. By now time was moving on but the boys had got themselves ready and we were only 2 minutes late leaving for the bus. Then at the bus-stop that Tom muttered that he had forgotten his school bag (for the second time this week I might add) and with the bus pulling in there was no time for me to dash home and get it. Like I said, not a good start.

I went home, found his bag, had the foresight to pick up my pur
se and drove to school. Purse? With a day starting like this I needed a pick-me-up and today that took the form of a fresh baker's croissant. I arrived back home, popped the croissant in the oven to warm and opened a new jar of home-made strawberry jam. Delicious.

Then the rain started ..........................

Today was getting better already!!

The rain has given all the veg I planted out yesterday a thorough soaking. All the water butts and jerry cans are now full and with cloud cover I can work in the polytunnel this afternoon with passing out in 40 degrees plus temperatures.

The dog's bed is in the washing machine - it needed to be cleaned anyway and is much easier to deal with than the carpet.

The pigs didn't complain too much at being fed an hour late and will enjoy a good wallow now their pens are all wet.

And as for Tom and the forgotten bag - had he not forgotten his bag I would not have had a croissant for breakfast and today may not have worked out the way it has!! You are forgiven ......... this time


  1. Mmmmmmmm, beautiful croissants. Can't buy them like that down here :-(

  2. see where you went wrong? you should have gone to get the paint - and had a croissant on the ferry on the way back - lol

    glad the day turned out better :)

  3. Ha ha - but then I don't think Simon would have stood in the rain emptying water from full water tanks into jerry cans to make this precious commodity go a bit further!

    Plus a ferry croissant is nothing like a true baker's one!

  4. French pastries are nirvana! I was in Paris for a few days earlier this month and I loved going out first thing in the morning for fresh croissants and then stopping by on the way back to the hotel for bread and pastries! In the UK I won't eat croissants, but the true french ones are divine!!

  5. They are a treat for us too Sian - all the better for not being eaten too often.


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