Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Reasons to visit Lénault in April

Posted by Rosie

Fast Cars
and Foraging!

f car racing is your thing then the last week-end of April is perfect for you as the annual Suisse Normandy Rally takes place all around here with 4 courses over 2 days. (www.lerallyedelasuissenormande.fr). Our road is part of one of the Sunday courses so is closed for the day as cars hurtle along it at breakneck speed. However, we are not complete prisoners and by parking the car down on the bottom road and walking down the valley footpath we can "escape."

If like me you aren't really into fast cars then maybe a bit of foraging is more tempting. April sees a flush of greens that can be eaten but for me this year two particular plants have taken centre stage - Wild Garlic (Ramsoms) and Dandelions. I use wild garlic leaves to pep up all sorts of dishes from quiche to pasta sauce and this year I even made wild garlic and leek risotto (minus the leeks!!) which was delicious. With dandelions, it is not the leaves but the flowers I pick for dandelion jelly. I have 7 jars cooling as I type and I am wondering whether I will get a good set. Last years batch was more like runny honey than a jelly but it was perfect for pouring over pancakes and drizzling into porridge. No great loss then!!


  1. Dandelion jelly sounds intriguing. I made quince jelly not so long ago but it didn't set well, reboiled it for a bit longer but still not a lot of improvement, decided to leave it - rather have it tasting good and a bit runny than burnt!! Hope your jelly sets OK.

  2. It didn't set too well. Like you I was considering reboiling but have decided I'll just have to a make some pancakes instead!

    Do you get dandelions in NZ?

  3. Oooh....dandelion jelly sounds good. Any chance of the recipe?

    I have lots of the flowers at the back of the house at the moment and would be brilliant to turn them into something rather than just mowing them up!

    Sue xx

  4. Sue - I've added the link in the post (although I'll have to rename mine dandelion syrup as it didn't set!)

  5. Thank you, I'll give it a try, it would be nice to find a use for the pesky things, especially a tasty one.

    Sue xx


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