Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Onwards and upwards.

Posted by Simon
I've just noticed that it is over a month since I last did a post. So it must be about time to update about the gite and some other bits.

Things are progressing quite well with the gite, although never as fast as I would like. Both sets of stairs are now in. A job that went surprising well and getting stuff upstairs is now much easier. Most of the walls are now insulated and boarded except for those sections that have some services behind or adjacent to the doors. At present we are trying to install the doors but one set of doors is causing us a bit of a problem and the frame has been in and out quite a few times over the last two days. Hopefully the problem is now sorted but I will not know until I get the doors in place tomorrow.

Most of the major works are done now although I still have the chimney flue to complete and we also decided to install a heat exchange ventilation system. The ducting has taken a bit of planning but hopefully it will be of benefit. The next stages are to fill gaps etc on the boards and then spread on the surfacing - like a very thin plaster. Then it's decorating, tiling, flooring, kitchen, bathroom and so on and so on. Not much to do then!?!

I have also, eventually, got a slide for the boys tower. This I fitted Sunday morning and they haven't stopped playing on it since. So that is a job I can tick of the 'to finish list'.

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