Saturday, 6 March 2010

On The Bottle

Posted by Simon

The first part of the ground floor was laid this week and we used hundreds of bottles as an insulation layer. The theory is that the air trapped in the bottles helps with the insulation, but apparently it is not the best of methods. I have put another layer of insulation between the ground and the bottles as well.

The original plan for the floor was a hemp/limecrete but due to weather conditions (mainly temperature) and timing we have had to revert to normal concrete - which I am really disappointed about. So using the bottles has meant that less concrete was needed and means they are reused without going through any other process. I'm determined to try the hemp/limecrete and plan to use it other buildings as we develop them.

The plumber has also started work. His first job was to move the hot water heater for our house from the gite to it's new location. The move went well but the re-wiring did not, so we had no hot water for a couple of days. I managed to sort the wiring out and eventually enjoyed a nice hot shower, but unbeknown to us a wire had got pulled out and Rosie did not enjoy the delights of a nice hot shower. I'm pleased to report it is now back working and Rosie has scrubbed up quite well.

And I have eventually finished filling in the filter beds. It needs some final landscaping but I'll wait until the soil has settled and it has dried out some more. I think it became one of those jobs you put off because you think it is going to be worse than it actually is - in the end it wasn't too bad. I still have some work to do around the septic tanks but should hopefully get that finished by next weekend. It is so nice not to look out on to a 30 metre long soil pile and means we (Rosie) can take a direct route to the vegetable garden now.

Please note we did NOT supply all the bottles ourselves - but were greatly helped by neighbours, friends, school and a couple of restaurants!!!


  1. Hey, I remember those Beaujolais bottles... and Calvados! Too bad it didn't worked though.

  2. Wow you have been busy! Loving the bottles idea - inspired! x

  3. I've come across the bottle theory too; as you say, if nothing else, at least it's reduced the quantity of concrete needed.

    Hemcrete is quite an interesting thing, I think; wanted to use it on our self-built extension, but couldn't quite run to it this time. We did use the oddly Weetabix-like Heraklith boarding for a renderable surface, though; if you end up doing internal walls, it's worth a look.

    Oh, and hello! Here via Colour It Green.


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