Friday, 19 March 2010

I'm off to England

Posted by Rosie

Tom and Ben have no school on Tuesday as the teachers are on strike (again!) and with no school on Wednesday anyway I thought it would be a good chance to take them over to England to see Mum. French schools generally don't like you taking children out of school so I have to say I was a bit nervous when I went to see the teacher this morning - especially as I had already booked the ferry. However she was absolutely fine saying it was only for one day, it's important to see family
and the boys are very rarely off. I came home relieved and accompanied by Ben who had a bad cold and ear-ache - typical!!

So now Simon is busy ordering things over the Internet to get sent to Mum's and I'm compiling my shopping list and wondering how much the boys will enjoy being dragged round both a supermarket AND several charity shops. France has lots of Boot Fairs (Vide Greniers) but no charity shops and I do miss these so try and go when-ever I am in England. If I remember correctly Minehead has quite a few.

Ben and I am also praying for a calm crossing as we both get seasick rather easily (Tom is fine). 6 hours in a confined space feeling unwell with two young children is not my idea of fun. Now - where are those sea sickness tablets?


  1. OOoh have a good calm journey and a lovely time with your Mum. She will be so pleased to see you all

  2. I do the crossing Caen to Portsmouth lots of times each year, with two of the kids too. You have my heartfelt sympathies!

    I get more seasick every time! I find a cabin with a window is a good investment, even on a day crossing, it helps to watch the horizon! Oh, and no caffeine seems to help too...

    The UK supermarket list ends up being a bit of an odd mix. I tried explaining my selection to the checkout lady in Sainsburys, Portsmouth once. 'Why did you move to France if you can't get Hellman's Mayonnaise?' came the reply.

    Hard to know where to start with that one...

  3. Enjoy!

    I'd be heading for M&S and Jaffa Cakes!

    Happy Holiday :-)

  4. How exciting. Hope you had a great trip :) x

  5. When everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane.............................................


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