Sunday, 31 January 2010

Look what we found in the field this evening!

Posted by Rosie

Today we spent the afternoon at the village hall for an event called La Galette des Rois. We checked the heavily pregnant sheep before we left and all seemed fine. However, when we got back 3 hours later look what we found in the field .......

We think we had missed the birth of No 2 by minutes. Mum must have just given birth behind the hedge, heard us coming and thought - great, time for hay so came to the front of the field with No1 lamb. Poor No2 was left all alone bleating it's little head off and still damp. We quickly re-united the family and have put them in shelter for the night, out of the cold and to allow Mum to fully bond with her twins. Tomorrow we'll check them over closely, spray their navels and sex of the lambs. (We were too excited to check this evening!)

The ironic thing is however, that White Face (Mum) was the least fat of our three girls where-as poor old Droopy Drawers looks ready to pop out quads. Myself and Colour it Green have been wondering his Droopy Drawers or her exceedingly large Saffie Saddlebags would pop first and White Face went and beat both of them!

So - will there be any more tomorrow I wonder? As for a post about La Galette des Rois - you'll have to wait for that I'm afraid.


  1. Yeahhhh! Babies... I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!

  2. you win :)

    (dont leave spraying the navals too long )

    they look good - and more to come too. we like sheep that lamb *all by themselves*

    had to help ours the last two years...

  3. Aw...signs of spring all around, I love seeing the first lambs!

    Sue xx

  4. Well....boys ? girls? one of each ? :)

    I hope the others lamb as well as White face...congratulations !

  5. 2 boys named by our two - Little Tom and Little Ben (and yes they do know that the lambs are destined for the plate)


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