Sunday, 1 November 2009

Reasons to visit to Lénault - October

Posted by Rosie

La Foire a l'Andouille

OK - I know it's November but we've been busy and it took us until today to visit this food festival that started at the end of October.

We had seen the Festival advertised before but had never gone as we thought it was purely about andouille, a local smoked tripe sausage and not something we are particularly fond of. However, it was actually a festival of all regional food producers and had stalls as varied as chocolate, cider, cakes, snails, sausages etc etc. There were plenty of things to taste although I have to admit some were nicer than others. Generally we thought the prices were quite high but it was a great way of seeing the variety of local and sometimes unusual produce. One that stuck in my mind sold a range of products (edible and toiletries) based on violets. They were definitely very purple! I also quite fancied chocolates that were made to look like andouille sausages - but at 40€ each I declined to buy one.

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