Saturday, 14 November 2009

Reasons to visit Lénault in November

Posted by Rosie


Whilst the boys were playing rugby this afternoon I took the dogs for a walk in some nearby woods and found loads of fungi. The footpaths round here are also full of these magnificent creatures as it seems the warm October followed by the wet November has brought them out en masse.

I had rather hoped I might find chanterelles on my walk (I am no expert but these are one I can recognise). No such luck although I did come back with a bagful of unidentified fungi - but as I type they are still unidentified as none look like any of the pictures in any of my books. I think I need an expert to help me out! I was at least in the right location for chanterelles; on my return to the car I met two locals who were on the same hunt, but agreed it may now be a bit cold.

And cold it was. Luckily for me I spent about 15 minutes between dropping off the boys and getting to the woods buying a local map. Just as well, because as I pulled into the woodland car park the heavens opened. Not rain however, but very hefty hailstones; most were about 5mm across with some up to 10mm. They would really have hurt had I been outside.

Post Script - I have just done some Googling and I'm fairly sure one of my haul was a Destroying Angel. Just as well I didn't add that to our lamb stew tonight then!


  1. I have just 'discovered' fungi, they're amazing I don't think I'll ever be able to indentify them easily but a book on the subject is now top of my Christmas wish list !

  2. And even with a book it's hard! Roger Philips is supposed to be THE book and I have just found this link to his free internet book:

  3. You have to be soooo careful with wild mushrooms.
    It's very tempting to adopt the hunter gatherer mode, but safety directs me straight to the local supermarket!

    Too risky for me!

  4. from all the books I have on fungi (I have lots am addicted to them). The overbearing note to all is

    "if in doubt, chuck it out!"

    on a completely different note. When do you think you will be taking bookings?

  5. SoL - we are planning for the first gite to be ready by Easter with official bookings from June (to give us a bit if breathing space!). Keep a look out on the blog and web page and we'll get booking forms up soon.


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