Monday, 9 November 2009

Farewell Tomatoes

Posted by Rosie

I have just finished clearing all the tomatoes out of the polytunnel. Blight is really setting in now and there is little to be gained leaving them any longer to try and ripen on the plant. Red ones have been roasted and frozen for future pizza topping, pasta sauce etc, slightly red ones are ripening in the front room and green ones will be turned into chutney. The polytunnel now looks rather bare but tomorrow I'll fill in some of the gaps with spring cabbages and overwintering lettuces. And having just cast a look at my seed sowing library, last year I sowed my first tomato seeds on February 11th so in a short 3 months time, the whole cycle will start again.

In the meantime the boys and I have been busy planting something - crocus filled old wellies and slippers.


  1. :) :) They look lovely ...even without the flowers!!

  2. Sounds like your tomatoes did you proud. LOVE! the wellies, they look so cute and will be a lovely herald to the new spring season.

  3. You did well to keep them going so long! We've just called time on our beans that have been going since July :(

  4. I'm glad you like the wellies - I've since added a pair of Ben's Old Shoes.

    WW - I fed the last of the runner beans to the pigs a couple of days ago and am drying the ones with seeds - some to eat and some to plant next year. There's a few climbing french beans left that will be pretty inedible but I'm sure the pigs will enjoy those too.


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