Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Tanks Are In - Now the Rest!

Posted by Simon

I have dug the holes and installed the two fosse septic tanks. The exit pipes have to be the same level so putting the second one in took a little longer, although the hole was more accurately done and will not need so much back filling. One tank is 4000 litres and the other 3000.

Before I can back fill though the tanks have to be filled up and as we are on a water meter the thought of pumping in litres of water at 64 euros per 1000 litres was not one I relish. Therefore we have pumped water from the well which has halve filled the 3000 litre tank. Now the well needs to refill. So I have now rigged up a couple of system to get the rain water directed into the tanks to finish the job. I don't really want it to rain at the moment but when it does I'm hopefully ready.

The next stage is to put in all the pipe work to and for the filtration beds with all the required gravel and sand. So loads of wheelbarrowing for the next few days. Jolly dee! So I'm hoping by the time I've finished the this the tanks will be full and ready to back fill.

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  1. Gosh you've been so busy. Lots of work involved in septic tanks then!! Thank goodness ours was already in and running when we moved in.

    The birds all look brilliant and that bull calf......mmmm I WANT ONE!!


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