Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Typical Labrador Pose

Posted by Simon

Well the weather is changing. The rain is on it's way and the wind is gusting. This is what we really need whilst the roof is being worked on. The builders are taking great care and are only removing a section of tiles at a time. This evening, before they left, they covered the gap with tarpaulins but I'm not sure they are going to last the night, as some of the gusts have been quite strong. We'll wait and see.

I've, eventually, finished helping the neighbour fill in their pond, a week later than planned. The digger ended up needing the Hydraulic Ram completely rebuilt - all ending up rather expensive - but is at least fully operational again. So I'm hoping I can progress with the gite again.

And we have assured the builders that we fed dogs - honest.


  1. fingers crossed for the tarp holding. it is windy as heck here and lashing down with rain!!!

  2. hope your roof stays safe :)

    ah i remeber our old dog making off with the builders sarnies... bless ...

  3. Our dog just climbs in the builders van and waits for a ride, front seat or back of the van she not fussed!!

    Our chickens usually try to migrate in visitors vehicles too!!

    Sue xx

  4. Heh he! Begging dogs never fail to crack me up. I have one watching me eat my biscuit as I type now!

    Hope the weather holds off for you guys.


  5. I'm thinking of you ..... if the wind and rain there are anything like as strong as they are here at the moment then I really hope that you've got a good strong tarp!!!

    Loving the Lab pose - typical!

  6. More wind and showers today is the forecast. Now where is that other tarpaulin?!!


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