Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Pah - who needs a jelly bag and stand....

Posted by Rosie

... when you have an upside down chair, a large piece of muslin, and some string. OK, it may not look pretty but it is functional and cost me nothing.

So what type of jelly am I making? This is the fruit from the garden a couple of days ago: Clockwise from top left there are worcesterberries, gooseberries, redcurrants, jostaberries, blueberries, tayberries and apples. Apples in early July? Unfortunately yes. Ben thought he was being really helpful when he picked all the apples from the young bramley apple tree. I wasn't cross but he was still so distraught when seconds earlier he had come bounding in, face beaming with his haul. Oh well, these things happen and all is not lost. It is the cooked apple pulp draining through the muslin that tomorrow I shall make into apple jelly.


  1. My granny used to use an upturned stool and the same method. I hang mine from the ktichen sink tap with a big bowl under it, overnight.



  2. My approach too. I have to be very careful to remove the inevitable dog hairs from the feet though.

  3. I have an actual jelly bag (oooo there's posh!) but its a lot harder to clean than a bit of muslin...
    dont ahve a stand thingy wossit though. but have hooks in kitchen beams. do worry about the weight of the jelly bag and how beetle eaten the beams are though...

  4. I've never got round to making jelly because it always looked like a bit of a faff ..... but you might just have pesuaded me to give it a go! :)


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