Saturday, 20 June 2009

A trip down Memory Lane

Posted by Rosie

Over the last couple of days, Simon and I have been working on our "New Field". We need to get the grass, brambles and bracken cut back and raked, then allow the grass to grow up a bit before we can put the sheep in there. So Simon had been attacking the vegetation with either a brushcutter or our rather natty brushcutter on wheels (known to us as "The Perambulator" because it's wheels resemble those of one of those lovely old black prams). He started to rake up but them called me in to help so he could get on cutting. And that was when I took a quick trip down Memory Lane. In a previous life I worked as a Countryside Officer for Kent County Council and spent many hours both strimming overgrown chalk grasslands and raking up grass from haymeadows, a combination of what I was doing now in our field. However a quick look round and there was something missing, my trusty band of volunteers. These helpers came out in all weathers, giving their time for free to help manage and maintain the countryside of NW Kent. Most were brilliant, some drove me demented and one of them - well he WAS working in the field 'cos I married him!!


  1. ooo you need the Caundle girls there to help you!
    GTM x x x

  2. I DO!!!! The boys were not much of a help but did get out from under our feet once they discovered they could pull each other down the hill at speed on the sled Ben had brought with him!!


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