Monday, 1 June 2009

Post Party Lethargy

Posted by Rosie

We had a party on Saturday and it has worn us both out. Actually in our defence we had two parties, but more of that later, and so yesterday after tidying up, essential animal duties and a bit of watering, Simon and I did a rare thing. We sat in the sun and read/slept. The boys were exceedingly tired and a bit whingey and kept asking us to do this or that.

"When did you last see me sitting in the sun with a book?" I asked them after the umpteenth question.
"Errm ......?"
"Exactly so could you kindly leave me alone and go and be whingey somewhere else."

Why Two Parties? - Ben wanted a birthday party and some friends of ours who play in a folk band wanted to have a session in our barn. So, somewhat foolishly, we decided to have the parties on the same day. 4.30-7pm for the kids, 7pm onwards for a BBQ and band. We crawled into bed at 2pm.

French children's parties are a bit more laid back than the equivalent in England - put out lots of toys, send out drinks at regular intervals if hot, feed them at some point and sing Happy Birthday when the cake comes out. The children were exceedingly well behaved, ate everything I had laid on for them like a hoard of hungry gannets and all said their s'il vous plaits and mercis.

Most of the children departed at 7pm and everyone else arrived for the evening do. The music sounded great in the barn, a mixture of traditional English folk music and French Breton music, the latter performed by French friend who I had first seen play a the school last summer. Very soon people were up dancing - again a mixture of French and English dances. Simon took some film which he'll edit and post up later. Mind you if we do it again we need to think of a way of keeping the dust down!

And the remaining children? Take one present of a pack of water pistols. Add three teenagers and mix thoroughly with a large water trough. The result - a lot of very wet but very happy children.

And today? The sun is still shining, it's another Bank Holiday and the boys want a picnic in the park. I have a long list of things to do but nothing that won't wait til tomorrow......


  1. Sounds like great fun though!:)

  2. All sounds great to me; look forward to seeing the film!



  3. There'll always be a long list of things to do, but sometimes you have to slow down and put your feet up! Sounds like a good time was had by all.


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