Monday, 29 June 2009

Not quite the day I had planned

Posted by Rosie

Ben's cast has been gradually getting more and more manky over the last week or so to the point that it was broken in two places at the hand end. Last night he also complained it was hurting and there was a small infected spot under his thumb. Today was his end of term school trip - to the swimming pool - so I decided, as swimming wouldn't be possible, to take him to the local hospital so they could have a look at the cast. However the teacher at school said I'd need to go to the main hospital in Caen because that was where it was dealt with. Ho Hum - off we toddled up the motorway to sit around A&E. Actually they were pretty quick although it did seem that every nurse and doctor had a look before a decision was made. In the end they cut away the damaged part, treated the sore and added a new end section. No-one seemed surprised when I said that I doubt it would stay clean for long.

Once back home I set to making bacon and roasting a joint of pork on what has been the hottest day of the year so far. Why? Well on Saturday night I went to the freezer to take out some meat for Sunday's BBQ. On Sunday morning I went back to the freezer to take out some buns and was met by a pool of water. In the pool of water was a large carrier bag labelled - "Pork Joints x 3- Large". Ahhhhhhh!!! They were too far defrosted to refreeze hence my bacon and roasting exploits today. It's too hot for a roast dinner but when Simon has finished on the phone we'll tuck into cold roast pork and salad.

Oh - and dare I mention the blackcurrants? I decided to make more jam as I can sell any excess at Boot Fairs, so I put the fruit on to cook ............... and went off to play a game with the boys. "Sniff sniff - what's that smell Mum?" Oh THAT smell. That would be burnt-to-the-bottom-of-the-pan-blackcurrants then.

Unfortunately you will have to imagine exactly what the pan looked like as since a recent storm we are having problems with the printer which of course is where the card reader goes. There is a card reader on the computer tower but when we put the card in tonight it somehow ate it. A hour or so of fiddling and Simon retrieved the card but it now won't work!

Definitely not quite the day I had planned.


  1. Well that's just not fair!!! You are definately due some great luck and good days ahead. Poor boy having an infected sore under the cast and missing out on pool fun with his friends. Sometime life just doesn't seem fair.

  2. Oh dear!
    I'm a shocker for leaving things on the stove, a shame when it's something as useful as jam though!

    I had a fun (not) morning yesterday trying to herd our cows 5 (+ 1 of neighbours) out of citrus orchard and away from shelter trees they were munching on when they broke through a there in the end but a bit of a mission. Then discovered a trojan on the computer which had corrupted our emails...grrrrrr!


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