Monday, 25 May 2009

A Game at Last

Posted by Simon

Yesterday we at long last had our first proper game of Boules on our own Boules area - is it a pitch or what? I had spent the morning (nearly) finishing the top surface - though it's needs a tad more work (especially after last night's storm and heavy rain). So as the weather was glorious yesterday we a BBQ in the afternoon and than played Boules and I'm afraid to say I was beaten by Rosie - twice!

I then later had a game with Tom, Ben and a neighbouring 12 year old lad, Guillaume. Tom partnered G, whilst Ben and I teamed up. All the boys did really well. G has played before whereas Tom and Ben had not. Tom played some impressive winning shots which made for an entertaining game. Apart from one or two rather wild shots Ben had a good game, considering he was playing right handed (he is left handed) and found the balls a bit heavy after a while. Tom and G eventually won the game 13-11. It started off very close and then Tom and G went ahead to 9-4. Ben and I made a good come back and to make it 11-11, but in the final game the others won by two points and were the worthy winners. So I think I need to get some practice in before the weekend as Sally is coming over and she plays in her local pub league.

Our lamb is settling in well and we are pleased to say he HAD discovered the sheep shelter in the heavy rain last night - we decided to check at 5am this morning and getting very wet in the process plus we had to shut both cars windows! The two ducks having looked nervous in their new surrounding now, today, definitely look more relaxed. Unfortunately we think a fox caught one of our hens.

I have progressed a small amount with the gite today after first having another clear up as tools and rubbish had mounted up last week. This afternoon I had to order some timber and whilst out got some other bits I needed - including dried milk powder for the lamb - and here's another ahhh picture......


  1. Well, what can I say about that photo but aahhhh, too cute! Sad about the Hen though.
    Never played Boules but I reckon you should practice a lot more - beaten by a 12 year old! Hehehe

  2. i want a boules pitch now...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I am not making excuses but I was playing with rusty balls!

    And it is a 'terrain de boules'

  5. Just to say it is the first to 11even if it is 10-11. Do you change ends after each game? For a match it is the best of 4 ends. I think you need to make a scoring board you need pegs(dowling) and holes in a board. I ll show you some designs at the weekend. Sally

  6. I thought it was the first to 11 but our rules say the first to 13.
    I'll find wood and dowling and get the drill charged up ready, for you!


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