Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fresh veg en vrac?

Posted by Rosie

Slowly, as the season progresses, I am getting more and more veg from the garden - this was some of my harvest for today - the first new potatoes and early carrots, turnips, parsley, radishes and what is probably the last of the purple sprouting broccoli. Reserves of frozen veggies are diminishing rapidly so this fresh harvest is much appreciated.

A couple of days ago I went to the local organic farm shop to stock up on washing liquid, washing-up liquid and a few other bits and pieces. The lady at the checkout saw what I had and asked if I knew that I could now buy various cleaning products "en vrac"? "En quoi?" I asked. She took me over to the cleaning section where I saw what "en vrac" meant - there were large containers of cleaning products which can be used to refill your empties thus saving both a couple of euros and the need for more bottles. Other organic (bio) shops I have been in also do a range of dry groceries "en vrac" e.g, rice, cereals, dried fruits etc so I hope my local shop will do this soon too. Anything to save a bit of money and reduce packaging gets the thumbs up here.


  1. We have a shop in town 'save a packet' it has been going for years now and sounds very similar -large bins of sugar, cereal, rice, flour, dried fruit etc. Just help yourself to the required amount.

  2. Forgot to say your veg looks amazing...we're no where near harvesting yet.

  3. Oooh veg envy!!

    I have parsley, radish and lots of salads and spinach but my new spuds and carrots are a week plus away from that size....

    We can get containers refilled here, but only Ecover, not the Bio D I prefer...sadly!

    I am doing a 500th post givaway on my blog, pop over and comment to enter the draw!

  4. Thank you - did I mention it was a very small box!!! Seriously thought I have never had veg this early - the spuds, turnips and carrots were from the polytunnel, with the first 2 planted early this year and the carrots sown in September.

    And don't talk to me about spinach - I have an inability to grow it and I have a customer/neighbour who loves it! Any tips?

    CW - did you know you can get Bio D in 5 litre bottles and washing powder in extra large boxes - I think Natural Collection does it?

  5. Hi Rosie

    Thanks for the tip re Bio D , thats where I get it from, via mail order, but it would be so much nicer to be able to get it in town when I am going ....ah well, at least thet DO, do Ecover for those who like it I suppose...

    Btw I love the "gite" blog...tee hee...

  6. Oh and have you tried growing perpetual spinach/spinach beet? It is much less fussy and lasts a couple of years in the ground...

  7. No problems growing chard - my neighbour's wife loves that but he prefers spinach. I sowed some spinach in the PT which didn't germinate but I do have some poking through outside so fingers crossed.

    As for the gite blog - it seems a bit cheeky about me - obviously has no idea of who does the garden, cooking, children, animals ......!

  8. That's a fantastic selection of veg. Well done! Wish I was so productive already. I've only got asparagus (now sadly we have to stop picking) and a few strawberries. Plenty to come but not for a bit.


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