Saturday, 18 April 2009

Easter, Fish and Foraging

Posted by Simon

Sally (my sister) came to see us over the Easter period and the boys had a very busy time. Apart from playing with friends, going to boot fairs, and a trip with me to Brittany to see some old friends (who have a holiday home there), they had a day out to the zoo and we also took them swimming and cycling. Although one ride ended up for a walk for me as I got a puncture, fortunately not too far from home.

We now have two very tired boys and we are making them have a calm(ish) weekend before they return to school on Monday. A few weeks of school before the two month long summer holidays. They do not have a summer half term here as there are so many French bank holidays which makes up for it.

Whilst Sally and I were out walking the dogs the other day, we got chatting to some neighbours. We had often said hello and briefly chatted but, unfortunately, had never had the time to stop. So, this time, in a typically French manner we were invited in for coffee and cake. They have lived in the village for 22 years but we had not realised this because when we moved here their house was being built and we assumed they moved in when it was finished. In fact their old house had be badly damaged in the 'tempest' of 1999. Although the house had to be demolished and a new one built they were extremely lucky. Three large trees fell on three sides of the house but the main trunks missed it and it was the branches that did the damage. In the interim time they lived on the site in a caravan and we hadn't realised.

Anyway, we found out they did a lot of fishing and lo and behold out of the freezer a lovely trout arrives which is presented to us. We were told the best method to cook it and for how long and to have it with a form of Hollandaise sauce, which again we were told how to prepare. So the next day we cooked ourselves a fish feast, as instructed, and it was delicious - five clean plates. For dessert I decided it needed something a little special and made creme caramels (in the pressure cooker) and these, also went down a treat.

They are keen to swap some of our meat and eggs for some of their freshly caught fish. This will give us another form of food supply as well as it being a lovely neighbourly thing to do. They also forage for wild mushrooms and Rosie is hoping to go with them to find out the best one's for supper.


  1. Swopping is good.We also swap pork and lamb for scallops, lobster and crabs with a friend who goes diving.

  2. hmmm mushrooms. I wish someone would swap with me, if they had mushrooms I would be around every day for a swap!


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