Friday, 3 April 2009

Old Mother Hen

Posted by Simon

The last few days here have been lovely especially with the longer evenings (even though I dislike the hour change). The trees are budding and slowly coming into leaf, which I love to see. The surrounding fields and hedgerows are covered in primroses, cowslips and other yellow things - the name eluding me at present - with the next wildflowers pushing their way up. Spring is truly upon us now.

Yesterday evening the sun was setting and the mist was coming up through the valley so armed with camera I decided to try and get some photos. Although these were not too successful as I turned round to go back indoors I quickly snapped Rosie walking back from the vegetable patch with her entourage of hens. I didn't know she had such a following! Must be the 'old mother hen instinct in her'!
Actually these hens have given us, apart from eggs, a lot of amusement. As soon as you start digging they are there. Round your feet arguing for worms and other bugs. We're convinced that one day a poor hen will get speared with a fork or something. And if I start the digger up, it's hen heaven. Nine of them race over to the digger with the bottom wobble dash and explore the turned over soil. They seem to have a knack of getting out of the way of the tracks or bucket - just in time. But I must admit it's none too good for me nerves!


  1. "The surrounding fields and hedgerows are covered in primroses, cowslips and other yellow things - the name eluding me at present" ......

    Would that be celendine Simon?!!

  2. you beat me to it Rosie :o)
    I love the photos Simon,the leave bud & the hen mama :O)
    You are not alone in loathing the hour change,I cannot stand it,autumn is moderatly less awful than this one,all week I have stuck to old time ha & been dressing the smalls at 10 & hanging washng out at 10 & eating dinner at ,its 9 & flaming 5 for goodness sakes people!! stop fiffling with the darn clock,ooops lummy am ranting...
    GTM x x x xx
    gosh lol!! I just did a patriotic blog post & my word verification on here now is patiot...nearly lol I expect the R got lost in the CLOCK CHANGE!!!

  3. nice pictue :)

    and yes.. hens are very entertaining.. especially that funny run..

  4. Ju8st DO NOT get me started on the clock change.............

    I am with GTM on this one!

    Nice pics btw!

  5. What a beautiful blog! I found you through Compost Bin. I love your family photo - reminds me of my own little stone cottage that we live in. :)

  6. Hi there!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I'll now take a read of yours!

  7. Welcome Hot Belly Mama and Sal to the blog.

  8. Chickens sound like a lot of fun - but I love to eat them, so it would just be heartbreaking, you know to go and choose between 'Martha' and 'Daphine' for dinner!!
    Thank goodness we aern't allowed livestock on the Lotties!
    Oh and I demand my hour back too! Though the longer nights are nice.


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