Sunday, 22 March 2009

That's that out of the window then!

Posted by Rosie

Well I had today all planned but as with all the best laid plans .......

We were going to go up to a Boot Fair at Caen and then have a picnic on the beach. But, the Boot Fair has been cancelled and the weather had turned miserable and not at all picnic-on-the-beachable. Oh well - I've got some chicken out of the freezer so I feel a nice stew followed by rhubarb crumble might be in the offing. I wonder if there is a good family film on the box this afternoon?

On a brighter note though, I saw the first swallows of the year yesterday plus a single bluebell. The blackthorn is in blossom and the days are now getting longer than the nights. Mind you, there is that country saying of "Blackthorn Winter" i.e. when the blackthorn blossoms we are in for a spell of wintry weather. So, where is that tv remote control?.........


  1. Mmmmm rhubarb crumble! And your first bluebell spot, they are so pretty :)

    The weather has turned here too I'm afraid.

    A well, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful day whatever you get up to.

    Lucy. x

  2. We ended up moving the herbs to their new area (much nearer the house) and then watching Pinocchio. Dinner was lovely - thanks Simon for cooking :-)

  3. What a shame the boot fair was cancelled after all your hard work.Sounds as if though you still had a good day.

  4. Ah Annie - not the one I was selling at luckily - another that the boys wanted to go to (to buy yet another cuddly toy no doubt!). Hopefully mine is still on and the weather will OK for it.

  5. blue bells are pretty arent they.


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