Monday, 2 March 2009

Black Gold

Posted by Rosie

Look what Simon has dug out of one half of the compost bin - a large dollop of lovely compost, also known as Black Gold. I have recently finished using the manure our neighbouring farmer delivered last year so this pile of compost has arrived at just the right time. Already I have used some of it to mulch the fruit bushes and it will be used to feed any number of hungry plants as the growing season progresses.

And talking of growing, with the sun out today the spring flowers looked fantastic. There were plenty of other signs of spring around everywhere - buds swelling, birds singing and I saw my first cowslip this morning.

All the time I was digging this afternoon I could hear a woodpecker drumming away down in the valley. No doubt the wood-boring insects which form much of its diet are being more active now making finding a meal somewhat easier than through the winter. I also know that the woodpecker I heard was a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, recognisable by the way it drums into the tree. For a Lesser Spotted you will hear a short burst of taps all the same loudness as the bird repeatedly hits the tree. (Tap tap tap tap) In contrast, a Greater Spotted Woodpecker will hit the tree really hard just once and the ensuing hits will be the vibration of this initial hit. (Tap tap tap tap tap). See - you learn something new every day!


  1. Very nice compost, I am impressed!

    We have 3 different sorts of Woodpeckers going potty here in our wood, Green, Lesser and Greater...its very noisy in the "quiet" countryside at this time of year


  2. beautiful black gold! is it sad that we all love muck now?

    very interesting about the woodpeckers. I wish i was in your team at the pub quiz!

  3. You are going to have a great growing season with a pile of manure like that! Mouthwatering.


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