Friday, 23 January 2009

It's all French to me

Posted by Simon

The weather was against me today, - wet and extremely windy - so moving sleepers in high winds did not appeal much. Instead I decided to gen up on what is required for electrical works - having managed to get a translation of the French manual.

Well I say translation but some was a little, how shall I say, interesting. For example 'make a hole in the bleeding wall' or 'the case must be sealed with flower of the finished wall' or 'it will not remain you any more that is to measure and cut out the right lengths, easier to the connect'. But having made all these holes in the walls I am a little concerned about what is required for the repair/finishing work:

Plaster board
Language of the cat

Language of the cat! Now I'm finding French hard enough but this is going beyond the bounds. Although admittedly my previous attempts of plastering have resulted in some rather colourful language - ah? Now that maybe is where I'm be going wrong.

PS: I also caught up with some lost sleep - well reading an electrical manual you would. Wouldn't you? Also, Rosie told me my doctors appointment was booked for 7:45. In fact in was 8:45. Sept. Huit. Yea, sound the same to me!



  1. No, No, No. It is the TONGUE of the cat you need. But it is very important that you grasp the cat firmly. Otherwise they wriggle and you don't get an even finish.

  2. That shouldn't be a problem - wriggling would be too energetic for out lazy mog!


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