Monday, 12 January 2009

Power Cut

Posted by Rosie

Last night I was happily typing on the computer, Ben was already in bed, Tom was in the bath and Simon was doing some of Tom's 1000 piece jigsaw. All was very quiet at La Causserie - very quiet and also very dark as we were suddenly plunged into darkness thanks to a power cut. We have had the odd power cut in the day (and a couple of half days without power when work was being done at the exchange) but as Simon pointed out, this was our first night-time power cut.

Luckily I had recently shut the hen's door by torchlight so I knew where the torch was. I lit candles and we continued the evening with the much more pleasant candlelight. And as for dinner, Simon did us proud. We couldn't grill the sardines so instead he griddled them on the woodburner where he also cooked the veg and spuds (Thank goodness for head torches!). Afterwards with both boys in bed we settled down to a electricity free evening of reading and cards by candlelight.

I was quite sad in a way when the power came back on - the lights seemed harshly bright and everything like phones and computers bleeped manically as they came back to "life". However with two freezers full of home produce I was also very glad the loss of power was only for two hours. Time to think about getting a generator maybe?


  1. I used to love powercuts when I was a child - they seemed to be a very regular occurrence back then. Everything seemed so pretty by candlelight and we'd have fun cooking dinner on the camping stove! I guess as a kid I didn't have to worry about meat defrosting though!

  2. re power cut
    did you not make any fat burners from your pig, these we used to make from ours, when power cuts were more common we found them very useful during the blitz. would be interested in what type of generator you would be using they say electric ones are best,thats after wind powered ones

  3. Ah I love the woodburner cooking photo :o) we get alot of power cuts here & a while back bought a big gennie that can cope with running the 2 freezers,everything else I can cope with but not the loss of a years growings eeeeeaargg!
    We got ours from Wolf,cant recall anything else techy about it,its a bit of a beast lol!
    It always seem so harsh & garish when electric light comes back on doesnt it even if you are used to just having one lamp on.
    GTM x x

  4. Rebecca - hello! - at least the freezers are so full they would have taken a good while before starting to defrost.

    Anon - "lol"

    GTM - I remembered when you bought your generator and thought of you as the power went off. Will do a bit of googling tomorrow I think.


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