Saturday, 3 January 2009

Shrew Kebabs

Posted by Rosie

A quick Google search came up with :-

Shrew Recipe

Shrew-on a stick seems to be the only way to cook this brochette-sized animal. Hârnic pedlars are used to such a meal; especially after spending a few nights on the trail only to awake to find one or two shrews digging about in their packs.

Anyone for a Shrew Kebab?

That will teach me - there again she always has to have the last word!!! (added by Simon 04/01/2009)

Word :-)))


  1. yeeeaooooooorrgggrrrr blurcgh!! lol! lol!!
    wonder what the boys faces would be if you served those up for lunch lol!
    GTM x x x

  2. I bet with the right seasoning it probably tastes quite good!

    Freezing here as well. The garden hasnt defrosted in about 4 days and all the grass is all trodden over where we have been in and out doing DIY. We are sure for a mudbath garden once it defrosts. for now though till we go back till work on Monday, it is ok with me. we can get more DIY done and you would not believe the amount of recycling and toot we have moved out of the house!

    you couldnt even get humane traps as you know they will just come back when food is scarce! hope they are all gone soon!!!

  3. But they will need to be skinned first...I suppose you could try shaving them!

    I have a dim recollection that shrews have a gland that secretes something poisonous, and for that reason a lot of other animals avaoid eating them.

    Or is that duck-billed platypus?

  4. I was told they were unpalatable and cats certainy always leave caught ones on the doorstep for the first unsuspecting human out of the door to tread on so maybe they are in fact poisonous.

  5. Pigmy shrews and Common shrews taste nasty. Water shrews not only taste nasty, they have slightly venomous saliva which stuns their insect prey!

    I have never seen any of our cats eat any of them ( we have all three) they just hunt and kill them for sport.

    I also got bitten by a pigmy shrew yesterday after I had rescued it twice from the cats, I won't be doing THAT again!

  6. Ouch!!

    We've caught no more shrews in the kitchen for a couple of days now but we woke up to the patter on rodent feet in the loft this morning. Must set a trap up there tomorrow.

  7. Oh Oh! Sounds like you might have glis-glis - dormice. They are incredibly noisy and are smarter than the avarege rodent so more difficult to get rid of. We just live with them.

  8. Rats (well I hope not) - I've just realised I've not set the trap in the loft. It's dark up there now and I am NOT setting a mouse trap by torchlight. Small critters get a one night reprieve then ;-)


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