Friday, 7 November 2008

Meat for the Freezer

Posted by Simon

Well we chose the life knowing that some things would not be easy. But we now, admittedly with some apprehension, have slaughtered one of the lambs, a turkey, six cockerels and a hen that was not laying. So these have been jointed up and are now in the freezer. There will be more to do in a couple of weeks, including our pig. Our lovely French neighbour very kindly showed us how to deal with the birds and helped us all the way through - and she does not speak any English. It was not easy but we know these animals had a good life. The chickens and turkeys have roamed around the place and the next door fields. One advantages is that there are no cockerels cock-a-doodling until the next lot.

We were supposed to slaughter two lambs but they haven't grown as much as expected so one had a lucky reprieve at the last minute and has now gone back into the field with the ram. Hopefully we'll have lambs from her next spring, which will help with next years meat supplies. One major disadvantage is we'll need another freezer soon.

I am coming to the UK for a week. I am helping a friend out with some coppicing. I come back next Saturday morning and then Rosie is going over, Saturday evening, for a few days work and then down to Somerset to see her mother. So we won't see a lot of each other over the next two weeks and I have to look after the boys for a week - now that is scary!

Well I must finish getting ready to go as I have had to change ferry time, ferry route and company due to the ferry I was using being, believe it or not, arrested.

And because this blog is a little grim I've added a lovely autumnal photo of the 'green lane' behind us.


  1. Tell Rosie to wave as she drives to Somerset,we are on the Somerset Dorset border,in fact to drive to the town I leave Dorset,into Somerset & then thru into Dorset again lol! crazy boundary somewhere!

    Hats off to you for dealing with your animals,I made the decision last night that when it comes to it,I am going to be the one that 'does' our cockeral,we only have one so its not exactly on a par with you guys but it dawned on me last night its something I need to be able to do,myself.

    Bet the groaning freezers look marvelous!we have a pig arriving soon( a dead one) & I was so confident I had room.....theres alot of things being flung into curries at the moment lol!!!!

    Youll be fine with the boys,I bet they will love just having some dad time & Rosie you lucky thing lol!! lol!!!! ah you will miss them but you know what I mean x

    GTM x

  2. I'll be driving from Dartford to Exmoor along the A303. When do I wave?

    Rosie x

  3. well done - just keep in your head the much better lives your animals had, and the lesser foodmiles etc

    that and the lovely meals.

    have good trips in the UK!

  4. It's always a bit rough having to do in the livestock, but as you say they have had a jolly life and that should be reflected in the taste of the meat. Well, I always think that.


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