Friday, 28 November 2008

Not a good week...................for the pigs!

Posted by Simon

On the way home from our friends yesterday I was glad I was not stopped by the police. I can imagine the conversation.

Police: Excuse me sir what do you have in the back of your car?

Me: Pig

Police: Now there is no need to be offensive sir, now I'll ask you again, what do you have in the back of your car?

Me: Dead pig!

Just might not go down too well.

But I did arrive home yesterday evening with over 80kgs of pork (176lbs). On Monday the two pigs were slaughtered and cleaned out then left to hang for a couple of days. Yesterday our friends and I butchered them up. It took all day and was extremely hard work - I'd do a week's tree felling any day - but we got it done.

This afternoon Rosie and I had to sort through all of our pork into suitable portions, decide how we wanted the joints etc to be dealt with and bag it all up. We now have a well stocked freezer of chops, mince, a variety of joints, belly, stewing pork. We also have 2 joints to make hams with and some belly to try and make streaky bacon.

I'm now getting fed up with the sight of pork but it does not end there. We have 20kgs of the meat that we are going to make into sausages. It has taken our friends all day today to do their's and they haven't finished yet. So I have a feeling that it will take us at least a couple of days. But I am looking forward to the dinner this evening - pork chops.

And the dogs are anticipating the pig skin which I cooked up into dog chews and, to really hack my sister off, we enjoyed crunching our way through a massive piece of delicious crackling whilst we worked.


  1. It could have been worse...

  2. holy moly that is alot of pork! I bet you feel fabulous that you raised the meat you are going to eat. that is special.

  3. excellent. we will get out pig run sorted out one day... we will...

  4. S Broccoli - that link is so funny and could easily have been us!

    SoL - we have just had chops for dinner with home-grown veg and apple sauce made with apples our neighbour gave us. Only the pepper wasn't ours. VERY special.

    CiG - word of warning (as you might have realised) - one pig = alot of meat!!

  5. Yes, the joint was kept in the freezer.

    Good luck with your meat, it looks very good. What kind of sausages are you planning to make?

  6. Rosie.....dont get too tired & do some kind of odd mix with the sausages & the advent calendars.....
    GTM x x x


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