Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Windows and a new Porte d'entrée

Posted by Rosie

Simon has been really busy this week putting in our new front door and windows - all made from french oak and double glazed. Last year he put in three downstairs windows and straight away we noticed how much warmer the house was - having the whole house double glazed should make a huge difference this winter then.

The installation was however, not without it's problems. By Monday evening the door was in but didn't fit properly so we spent the night with it wedged shut using a piece of wood. Out it came on Tuesday morning for the necessary adjustments and by Tuesday night it was in but was settling in place so could not be opened. Access by all (us, children, dogs and the cat) was via the front window! But we did also have new bathroom and kitchen windows.

By this evening it had all come good (well almost). All the main windows are in and the door works, albeit needing a little extra shove at the moment to open/close it. Simon will make the necessary tweaks tomorrow but as I type he is taking a very well earned soak in the bath.

And he certainly chose the right week to get this particular job done. Monday and Tuesday were mild and the little bit of rain that fell didn't cause any problems. Today has been a glorious day - really warm (in fact it was up to 30 degrees in the polytunnel) and no rain at all. Tom is back in shorts and sandals and everyone else was down to their shirtsleeves. That said, it may well be cold tonight with clear skies forecast. So I have lit the fire, closed the lovely new windows and - yes - I can safely say that it is beautifully snug and warm in this corner of Calvados tonight.


  1. I think you should raise a glass or several of your area's named drink tonight!

    Well done!

  2. He's a clever man, Simon, and he has already tweaked the door this morning, so it now opens and closes fine. We did have a celebratory beer last night but kept off the calvados in view of the fact you needed all your faculties to get the door open (pre-tweaking) and local calvados would have blurred said faculties too much!

  3. oh jealous.... we still have a lot of single glazing.. when finances allow....

  4. I stronlgy recommend double glazing - and it looks so much nicer than the duck tape that previously stopped the wind howling through the windows.


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