Monday, 13 October 2008

Summer's here!!

Posted by Rosie

Did I really write about frost on the car windscreen a couple of days ago? Yesterday, temperatures were forecast to be in the mid-twenties with clear skies and no wind. Well, with that sort of a forecast for Octover 12th and a small voice asking "Can we go to the beach Mum?" what could I say but "Yes." We went up to Ouistreham, the lovely sandy beach at Caen where Brittany Ferries come in from Portsmouth and had a fantastic afternoon. It wasn't too busy when we got there (the French rarely go to the beach until after lunch) but by 2 o'clock it was filling up and by mid afternoon it was really busy, especially along the promenade with people out enjoying the fabulous weather.

I had also promised the boys pizza for lunch, so whilst walking the dogs in the morning, I stuck the dough in the bread machine and cooked them when we got back. Wrapped in a tin foil they were still hot when we got to the beach and made a very pleasant change from our usual sandy baguette. Ice creams were a bit thin on the ground though, as the local seller was obviously not expecting such a surge of customers so late in the season!

The boys had a great time, pairing up with a french lad. The made a huge network of castles and channels as well as playing in the water. I was so reluctant to go, but after 4 hours and with school the next day we eventually had to call it a day. I am sure that will have been the last summer beach day of the year but it certainly was an unexpected and very enjoyable treat.


  1. 26° we had here. TWENTY SIX! That's about 79° in the old money, and quite a bit warmer than the middle ten days of August. We have guests in paying a low season rate who are sooooo happy!

  2. I reckon it must have been at least 24 when we were at the beach. It was 20 when we got home and felt quite chilly in comparison.


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