Saturday, 6 September 2008

Summer - blinked and you missed it

It's another grey, wet and windy day in Normandie and much of the summer has been in a similar vain. Admittedly the days have been warm and not always wet but now autumn is definitely approaching. Although it sounds as if we have not had it quite so bad here as in the UK.

Like most of us we would have preferred a sunnier summer but there have been some advantages of this wet weather, particularly for the newly planted orchard and hedges. It also meant the vegetable garden did not need too much watering but on the other hand the weeds exploited the situation but with help from some visitors (especially Darren) we have managed to keep up with the gardening jobs pretty well.

We managed a few days out with the boys but in the main they were quite happy to play at home. We went to the beach a couple of times which was very relaxing. I was hoping to take the boys for a camping trip but with the weather and visitors we did not get any further than the garden. They were very happy with this and even manged to sleep right through a massive storm - Tom did not even know there had been a storm and Ben only woke once for a few minutes.

Work wise we have only really kept up with the everyday things and not moved forward much, but again with Darren's help, we cleared out and tidied up some more of the out buildings and got rid of more rubbish (mostly recycled or to be re-used). So for the rest of this week I have continued this tidy up and seeing everything looking neat has been a great motivator to start the next list of jobs, or in other words start the next lot of mess.

The plans came back from the architects and it is exciting to see our ideas drawn up. The plans require some additional information and then will be sent off for planning permission. We should know the result by the end of October and if permission is granted (fingers crossed) we can start work converting the barns.

In the meantime we have plenty to do - finish the double glazing and insulate the existing house for starters. Also we need to contact builders etc. and get quotes in for some of the work (subject to planning permission). I am also booked to come over to the UK to do a course on the use of lime in building works and another on natural swimming pool construction.

Oh and I've still got the boys play tower to do!


  1. Rosie, if you are anywhere near us when you come over, PLEASE come and see us !

  2. Hi Compostwoman - I would love to visit but it's actually Simon who is coming over this time - would he do instead!? Mind you he is dashing between Southampton, Shropshire and Exmoor on a very tight schedule. I may be over later in the autumn for a week's work but that would be in Kent. However,if I am ever in your area, expect a knock on the door.

    Rosie x


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