Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Courgette Glut

Yep - it's that time of year ...... COURGETTES. I've got four plants and they are all producing loads so I have been making (and freezing) as many courgette related recipes as possible. It's just as well we got the second freezer as the first is already full. So far, on the "getting rid of the courgette mountain," I have come up with:

  • Courgette fritters (actually these failed and turned out more like rosti!)
  • Courgette and mozzarella bake
  • Courgette ragout
  • Courgette pasta sauce
  • Ratatouille
  • Courgette and lentil bake
  • Veggie lasagne (with layers of courgettes added)
  • Courgette and feta tart
  • Chocolate courgette cake
  • Courgette loaf
  • Courgette quiche
  • Courgette soup
  • Stir-fried courgettes with herbs and garlic
  • Frozen chunks of courgette to use in the winter/spring
  • And courgettes have been thrown into all sorts of different meals.

I'm also planning:-

  • Courgette and ginger jam from that monster courgette that I missed and which all too soon turned into a marrow
  • Courgette soufflĂ© (especially as we also have an egg mountain)
  • Stuffed courgettes
  • And I have seen a recipe (somewhere?!) for courgette bread.

So - has anyone got any other ingenious ways of using up courgettes? Especially if the courgette becomes less than visible, as there have been various mutterings in the Hill household just recently about the number of courgette-related meals appearing.

Then of course there is the mountains of the aforementioned eggs as well as beans, cucumbers, chard, tomatoes .........


  1. Ha HA HA !

    Courgettes!!!( wibble wibble!!!!!)

    want some of my mountain????

    (compostwoman wanders off, cackling quietly to herself about mountains of courgettes and dehydrators and freezers and pickles and soup and cake and.......)



    What about courgette chips? ...make them like potato chips but shallow fried in olive oil and garlic....

    Mmm nice....

  2. Simon might be making that DIY dehydrator we saw in the Organic Gardening Mag but in the meantime courgette chips wikll be added to the list plus chutney. And I'm keeping my fingers VERY crossed that we don't get any long power cuts this winter (especially as the boys recently unplugged the freezer - ahhhhhh ........

  3. Rosie we have a large gennie to keep our freezers going if we lose power for any length,theres just too much irreplacable stuff in them :oS
    Insurance would cover it but sob can you imagine all that food being thrown away & you cant buy as good either :oO

    Now courgettes....LUCKILY! ha! only one plant survived down here in the kitchen garden but there are some more now growing up the field damn! I so far have been able to stay on top of the C Things....
    so far...........hmmmmmm

    GTM x

  4. We had a generator before we moved to France and I had already mentioned this as a possibility for here. Like you say - the thought of losing all that home-growm food is unimaginable.

  5. GTM that actually happened here in 2002...we lost our power in the big storm in Nov for 6 days...both freezers FULL of stuff, gone...( sob)

    Yes the ins paid up ( up to £250 limit) BUT I couldn't replace all my lovely, home grown, organic, home prepped stuff..

    we swore than it would NEVER happen again...and got a Generator...

    thats one of the reasons I am dehydrating SO much stuff at the well as freezing/jamming/chutneying etc...

    Rosie..they Unplugged the Freezer!!!!!!!

    words fail me......poor you!

    Cw x

  6. Luckily the freezers only went down 4 degrees before we noticed and extremely firm words were said about the gravity of their actions. They WILL NOT unplug it again in a hurry!!

    Simon is looking at generator catalogues as I type! (and I will mention the DIY dehydrator again!!!)


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